Nacogdoches Junior Forum was formed through the interest of a small group of active, young Nacogdoches women. Nurtured by the friendship of Judy Hale and Ann Ethridge, membership chairmen for Junior Forums Incorporated, Nacogdoches Junior Forum began to grow. Of primary importance was the evaluation that young women in Nacogdoches had the desire to give time and effort involved in creating and supporting an organization whose purpose was… SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY.

With the election of officers and compiling of by-laws, Nacogdoches Junior Forum established its official roots. In the Spring of 1975 an invitational coffee was given to promote membership in Junior Forum. We began with 50 members. Having enjoyed much success, we have blossomed into a dedicated and respected women's service organization in our community … our dream come true.

Nacogdoches Junior Forum

P.O. Box 632323
Nacogdoches, Texas 75963-2323